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" Feels Like the First Time "
First-time computer buyers are back on the Mac, and consumer applications are following in their wake.

The Vision Thing: No Strings Attached
Editor in Chief Andrew Gore is caught up in the iBook's wireless networking technology and Apple's new AirPort wireless networking package. Andy thinks the no-strings effort will draw users far beyond the consumer portable's core audience.

The Game Room Online: Apple's Next Move
Stalking the Expo show floor, Contributing Editor Christopher Breen listens to developer suggestions about ways Apple can improve its promotion of the Mac as a gaming machine.

Retailers open to iBook
Mac dealers are eager to offer the flashy consumer portable; some outlets are already shelling out money and accepting orders.

Reporter's notebook: Talking the talk
Judging from the buzz on the Macworld Expo show floor, Apple's iBook is the hit of the season, but Mac gamers also have plenty to talk about.

Expo Photo Gallery
Can't make it to this week's Macworld Expo/New York? Macworld Online kicks off its running collection of digital photos with images from Steve Jobs' Wednesday morning keynote address.

Jobs unveils iBook
The consumer system will ship in September for $1,599; Apple interim CEO also used his star turn on the Macworld Expo/New York keynote stage to introduce a QuickTime-based network and talk up Mac OS 9.0.

A decade of Macs on the move
Though Apple's iBook may be all-new, Apple has a long history of making computers for the road -- for better or worse.

Bungie polishes Halo for Macs
Macworld Contributing Editor Chris Breen reports on the arrival of the hot new interactive action game for the Mac.

Corel closes WordPerfect chapter
Corel Corp. said Wednesday its WordPerfect 3.5 Enhancement Pack for Mac will be the last to built on the current code base in Version 3.5 and technical support will end in three months.

The Big Apple Heats Up for Expo
Macworld Editor Michael Penwarden sets the stage for this week's Macworld Expo/New York: Despite the oppressive weather, excitement over the big show is on the rise.

Game companies back the Mac
Apple's new consumer focus will draw an SRO crowd of game publishers to this week's Macworld Expo/New York, many of them with new titles in hand.

Mactell, 3dfx give Mac gamers Voodoo3 EvilEye
MacCentral contributor Peter Cohen gauges the potential impact of the hot new 3D accelerator on the Mac's competitive edge.

Macworld Expo, the prequel
Before all the Macworld Expo attention switches over to Apple's expected consumer portable rollout, Contributing Editor Jason O'Grady takes a look at some other probable announcements in store for the show.

TriBeCa trifecta
From atop his high horse, the Knife handicaps the big news at Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo keynote address this week, including Apple's wireless aspirations and fly new offerings from Microsoft and Oracle.

"Mac Users Take New York"
Expectations are high for Apple ICEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech at the outset of this week's Macworld Expo/New York '99.

The sorcerer's apprentice
Contributing Editor Robert Morgan reports that information about Apple's and Disney's rumored Internet collaboration has taken on a life of its own, and he essays to set the record straight.

Mickey Mac vs. the bears
Contributing Editor Robert Morgan suggests that a pending Internet deal with Disney, plus other Expo surprises, will give the lie to analysts who remain stubbornly bearish on Apple.

LiveStage Pro to debut at Expo
Totally Hip Software will be demonstrating its forthcoming LiveStage Professional 2.0 QuickTime authoring tool next week at Macworld Expo in New York. MacCentral has the lowdown on the new, QT4-enhanced version.

Prodigy preps Mac products
Prodigy Communications Corp. next week will introduce Prodigy Internet for Mac, a software upgrade for its ISP clients -- the first of several new products Prodigy says it is developing for Mac users.

Apple holding out for Expo
Apple hates to deliver all the good news at once. Company officials, speaking with analysts Wednesday, were vague and obviously holding out on more information until next week's Macworld Expo.

Experts line up for Expo Webcast
Macworld Live! will broadcast over the Internet throughout next week's Macworld Expo in New York. The lineup includes live coverage of Steve Jobs' keynote speech and interviews with Mac-industry experts.

Third parties prep Expo debuts
Show organizer IDG Expos offered a sampling of the new wares scheduled to put in their first appearance at next week's Macworld Expo/New York.

Like a heat wave
Contributing Editor Robert Morgan sizes up the hottest tech stocks and warms up for next week's Macworld Expo/New York.

New-product bonanza at Expo
With one week to go, organizers of New York's Macworld Expo say they've already signed up 100 more exhibitors than last year. "We think this is going to be the hottest event in years," the show director said.

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