7 Slide Scanners Compared

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7 Slide Scanners Compared
Company Products Mouse List Contact Film Formats ColorSync Compatable


Optical Resolution a Dmax b Bit Depth Comments


FlexTight Photo 4.0 mice $11,995 888/462-2668 35mm,
medium format
c 3,200 4.1 14 A no-compromise scanner, especially for the serious (and bank-rolled) medium-format shooter.

FlexTight Precision II 4.0 mice $16,995 888/462-2668 35mm, medium format,
4 x 5;
reflective up to size A4
c 5,760 4.1 14 Awesome resolution and dynamic range with a price tag to match. A state-of-the-art scanner


Dimâge Scan Speed 2.0 mice $1,095 201/825-4000 35mm, Advanced
Photo System
2,829 3.6 12 Decent hardware crippled by primitive software


Coolscan III 3.0 mice $999 800/526-4566

35mm, Advanced
Photo System

d 2,700 3.0 10 Low dynamic range makes scanning slides problematic.
Digital ICE technology is a big bonus.

Super Coolscan 2000 4.0 mice $1,899 800/526-4566 35mm, Advanced
Photo System
d 2,700 3.6 12 Despite software shortcomings, a very capable scanner. Digital ICE is a big bonus.


Polaroid SprintScan 45 Pro Multi-Format Film Scanner 2.5 mice $9,995 800/432-5355 35mm,
medium format,
4 x 5
2,000 x 4,000 e 3.4 12 Decent hardware marred by subpar software that is unacceptable at this price range. Scans appeared rather soft.

SprintScan 4000 2.5 mice $2,495 800/432-5355 35mm, Advanced
Photo System
4,000 3.4 12 Hardware shows potential, but the software needs a massive overhaul
= yes; = no.
a In dots per inch.
b Optical density of the densest piece of film the scanner can read, according to the scanner's manufacturer.
c Unmounted film only. Number of scans limited by size of holder.
d For negative strips; multiple slides require optional batch adapter.
e Scanner captures image information asymmetrically. It compensates for this with digital interpolation.
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