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Looking to expand your collection of audio-processing tools? A plug-in library might be just the ticket. Two recent entries, Waves' Native Power Pack II and Arboretum Systems' Hyperprism Plug-in Pack, work in any program that supports Premiere-format plug-ins–including BIAS's Peak.

Native Power Pack comprises just four plug-ins, but each is exquisite. Renaissance Compressor boosts volume during quiet parts and lowers it during loud parts. Renaissance Equalizer lets you boost or lower certain frequencies with a streamlined interface. MaxxBass creates harmonics that fool the ear into hearing more bass than is actually present, while DeEsser attenuates s sounds. Unfortunately for iMac users, the plug-ins require an ADB hardware key.

Hyperprism Plug-in Pack is a grab bag of more than two dozen plug-ins–everything from workaday tools such as reverbs, compressors, and equalizers to wacky wonders guaranteed to make your dog cock its head. The workaday tools do a fine job–the HyperVerb reverb is notably impressive–but Native Power Pack's compressors and equalizers make my ears happier.

Native Power Pack II is best suited to well-heeled audio engineers who need classic sweetening and top sound quality. Hyperprism Plug-in Pack is ideal for musicians who need solid basic effects–but who also crave the stuff that makes dogs howl.


4.0 mice
PROS: Superb sound quality; easy interface. CONS: No printed documentation. COMPANY: Arboretum Systems (800/700-7390, ). LIST PRICE: $349.


4.0 mice
PROS: Superb sound quality; easy interface. CONS: Hardware copy protection; expensive. COMPANY: Waves (800/264-0109, ). LIST PRICE: $500.

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