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Once again, the editors of Macworld have selected the hottest new products introduced at Macworld Expo. The awards are open to products announced at, or shortly before, the trade show. We also had to see the products in action, although some evaluations were based on prototypes or beta versions.


BeatWare (650/556-7900, ) offers up a full-featured tool for creating Web graphics and animation.


The new consumer laptop looks like another hit for Apple (800/795-1000, ). And Apple's AirPort technology brings industry-standard wireless networking to the iBook at an affordable price.

LiveStage 2.0

Totally Hip Software (604/685-6525, ) has improved the script-building capabilities of its QuickTime authoring program.

Mach Carrier Upgrade

This G3 accelerator from XLR8 (888/957-8867, ) makes it easy to keep current with processor upgrades by letting you replace the chip when faster versions are released.

Madden 2000 Football

Aspyr Media (512/708-8100, ) gives us the first team-sports game for the Mac. Hopefully others will follow.

Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0

The latest version of the free Microsoft (425/882-8080, ) e-mail client offers an improved interface, an easy-to-use junk-mail filter, and direct access to Hotmail accounts.

MultiPass C635

The first multifunction peripheral for the Macintosh, the MultiPass C635, from Canon (800/652-2666, ), combines printing, scanning, and stand-alone copying and faxing capabilities.

SkyLine Wireless Network Card

This PC Card from Farallon Communications (510/346-8001, ) brings industry-standard wireless-networking capabilities to the PowerBook G3.

Studio Artist

This innovative "graphics synthesizer" from Synthetik Software (415/864-6582, ) offers a new metaphor for painting software. With it, you can create your own paint tools by modifying any of 200 parameters.

Rio PMP 500

RioPort (408/325-7000, ) finally gives the Mac its due with the first Mac-compatible MP3 player.

SoundJam MP

New from Casady & Greene (800/359-4920, ), SoundJam is the first Mac software that encodes and plays back MP3 titles. It's bundled with the Rio PMP 500, but you can also use it without an MP3 player.

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