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As Napster awaits a decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco that could mean life or death for the fledgling Redwood City, California, company, it released a version of its popular MP3 sharing software for the Macintosh.

Based upon Blackhole Media's Macster, Napster for Macintosh (a pre-release version) adds several key features, such as a list of recent searches and chat/messaging functions.

Just as with Macster, users can download and share MP3 files with other Napster users, as well as, customize searches based on artist and title, file bite rate and frequency, and the line speed of the hosting computer.

You can also choose your default MP3 player -- QuickTime or SoundJam, for example -- and have Napster correctly define your files' creator types. And continuing the Mac touch, you can set the tool bar to one of the Macintosh flavors.

Napster for Macintosh, like the final version of Macster, also runs under OS X, so those using the public beta of OS X can use Napster natively.

Although Napster basically rebranded the Macster client as their own, it is commendable that official Macintosh support is here. And considering the company's uncertain future, it is also very brave.

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