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Technically, the autumnal equinox does not happen until September 21, meaning that summer doesn't end on the last day of August. So if the public beta of OS X ships in early September -- as Apple CEO Steve Jobs insisted it would at July's Macworld Expo -- it shouldn't count as a product delay. Apple said a public beta would be out this summer, and as we've just established, summer lingers until September 21.

Still, with another Expo come and gone and no OS X beta in hand, it's easy to understand why some of the Mac faithful may be feeling a little antsy. And users are ready. A poll of Macworld.com readers found that 78 percent of you can't wait for OS X's release.

Even with all the products launched by Apple recently, no OS X news is not necessarily good news. And make no mistake: Apple had little to add about OS X at Macworld Expo. Jobs used part of his keynote to run through some of the new operating system's features -- the Aqua interface, the Dock, the ability to keep running applications even after one has crashed.

"Isn't that nice?" Jobs asked after showing off OS X's new interface.

Sure. But it was just as nice six months ago.

Answers Total Percent of Total
Ask me again next June. 266 18
OS X? Gimme, gimme, gimme. 1,129 78
We don't need no stinkin' upgrades. 57 4
Grand Total 1,452 100
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