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Custom CD and video cases
Share special moments with distant friends and family by producing your own home movies. Thanks to the release of iMovie 2, Apple's $49 video-editing software (, you don't have to have a Hollywood budget to produce enjoyable movies -- complete with a soundtrack and titles. (For tips on preparing and exporting your iMovies to the Web, a CD, or back onto videotape, see "Wrap Up Your iMovie." )

Send your movie off in a CD jewel case or VHS tape box you designed with your image-editing program. Add a title, cast list, and description of the movie -- even fake reviews from movie critics. You can buy paper specially designed for CD and tape cases at paper-supply stores or from Web sites such as Neato ( ). --Artists: Eleanor and David Leishman

TOOLBOX You'll need a digital camcorder (using an analog camcorder requires extra equipment -- see instructions here ) and Apple's iMovie 2 software.

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