Does This iMac Clash with My Shirt?

The Boss here at Macworld likes to say that the iMac changed the question "Do I need to buy a computer?" to "What color computer should I buy?". While processor speed and memory size used to be a computer buyer's main concerns, the iMac's latest rainbow of colors has raised a troubling question the average technophile is ill-equipped to tackle: Am I a ruby or an indigo? We've convened a panel of gurus--color psychologist Leatrice Eiseman, feng shui expert Seann Xenja, Indianapolis interior designer Ron Budny, feng shui consultant Ailsa Long, and Art Institutes International design instructor Tom Glass--to field tricky color calls. As for processors and memory, that's still our turf.

Loyal, consistent dependable: "Blue is for the conservative type who is willing to go with some change," says Budny. "Too much blue can create a depressing chi," adds Long.

Hip, confident, daring: "It's the color of wealth and power. If you already have too much energy, [choosing ruby] would be like adding fire to fire," says Xenja.

Stable, contented, quiet: "It's the color of hope, vitality, spring, and health," Xenja says. "This is someone with a heavy workload who needs their environment to be relaxed," Budny says.

Sophisticated, practical, serious: "Unlike lovers of red, they never crave real excitement, just contentment," Eiseman says. "Too much gray can cause withdrawal," says Long.

Professional, neat, picky: "Those who love pure white have a fastidious side. They are very self-sufficient and uncompromising," Eiseman says. "Too much white can create a sterile, unsettling environment," adds Long.

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