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CopyAgent 1.0

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At a Glance
  • Connectix CopyAgent 1.0

Even we Mac fanatics must admit that our favorite OS sometimes isn't very smart. Copy a folder to a destination that contains another folder with the same name, and the Finder duplicates everything -- even if the contents are almost identical. Connectix Speed Doubler 8 solved this problem by copying only items that had changed, but it was never updated for Mac OS 9. In response to user requests, Connectix resurrected many of Speed Doubler's most-compelling features in a new utility called CopyAgent.

When you copy a folder using the Finder, CopyAgent's enhanced Replace dialog box presents you with two additional options: SmartReplace copies only new or changed items, and Synchronize updates both folders so that they contain the most recent versions of all the items. If there isn't sufficient room to complete the copy, CopyAgent quits without copying anything -- a bug that Connectix plans to fix in an update.

CopyAgent can save you a significant amount of time if your source folders contain hundreds of files. The Network Copy extension saves you even more time when you copy folders over a network. And CopyAgent lets you schedule copies in advance -- a good way to back up important data -- though you have to add items to the copy queue manually. And because CopyAgent doesn't filter files, it can't replace a dedicated backup utility.

At a Glance
  • Pros

    • Speedier network copying
    • Smart folder copying


    • Allows only manual file selection for scheduled copies
    • No notification if destination lacks sufficient space for copy
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