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22-inch flat-panel monitor
45 mice Apple Cinema Display
FireWire hard drives
40 mice ACOMdATA 30GB FireWire Hard Drive
30 mice Fantom Drives FireWire Hard Disk Drive 30GB
35 mice VST FireWire 10GB Hard Drive
35 mice VST FireWire Full-Height 20GB Hard Drive
35 mice VST USB/FireWire 10GB Hard Drive
File translator
40 mice icWord
Internet routers
40 mice Asanté FriendlyNET Cable/DSL Router
35 mice UGate 3200
40 mice Linksys EtherFast 1-Port Cable/DSL Router
Palm software
40 mice Documents To Go 2.0
PowerBook CD-RW drive
35 mice MCE Xcarét Pro Media Bay CD-RW Drive
FTP clients
35 mice Fetch
30 mice Interarchy
40 mice NetFinder
35 mice Transmit
45 mice Vicomsoft FTP
Children's language software
35 mice KidSpeak
Beginning programming
40 mice CodeWarrior LE
Biotechnology courseware
35 mice Biopharmaceutical Technology 101
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