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Even the most organized people can misplace a file or inadvertently save a document to the wrong folder. To solve this dilemma, Power On Software's Action Files adds hierarchical menus to every application's Open and Save As dialog boxes, providing fast access to recent items so you don't have to scroll through every folder.

Furthermore, enhancements to Action Files' proprietary Open and Save dialog boxes are even more compelling: the resizable window sports a Finder-like menu that lets you access recent files; sort the file list by name, size, kind, label, or date; and change viewing options. You can rename, duplicate, alias, label, or trash any item in the list, all without exiting the dialog box. And with Action Files' powerful search command, you can bypass the Finder's find function and look for files and folders based on multiple criteria (but you can't search by content).

Although Apple's new Navigation Services offer simi-lar functions, the feature set of Action Files is much more complete and works even with applications that have not been up-dated to take advantage of those features.

Action Files 1.2 / RATING:

4.0 mice
PROS: Expands functionality of Open and Save dialog boxes. CONS: Can't perform content-based searches. COMPANY: Power On Software (800/797-7382, ). PRICE: $40.

A simple way to automate routine tasks such as checking e-mail or logging on to remote servers is to create shortcuts. CE Software's QuicKeys lets you easily design macros and keyboard shortcuts. Mac users familiar with QuicKeys will be pleased with version 4.0's new features, including a sequence editor that lets you build macros step-by-step, a setup assistant for helping novices, and timesaving tools designed for the Internet. For example, if you routinely send files via e-mail, you can create a one-step macro that takes selected documents and attaches them to a new e-mail message with just one keystroke.

In case you're not a fan of keyboard shortcuts, QuicKeys also lets you activate shortcuts by clicking on custom tool bars. QuicKeys doesn't do anything you can't already do manually, but using macros is much more efficient and should be a serious consideration for anyone who suffers from repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).

QuicKeYS 4.0 / RATING:

4.0 mice
PROS: Setup assist-ant simplifies macro creation. CONS: Limited room for button help. COMPANY: CE Software (800/523-7638, www PRICE: $100.

For those who'd rather click on a button, WestCode Software's OneClick provides several options for creating customized tool palettes. OneClick's standard button palettes provide single-click access to several common functions. With OneClick you can automate tasks such as launching and quitting applications, switching windows, and restarting the computer. And with OneClick's editor, you can create individualized tool palettes–complete with unique icons and help text for each button–for any application.

Accessing the full power of OneClick macros, however, demands that you learn EasyScript, WestCode's proprietary scripting language. If you haven't had any programming experience, this language can be daunting at first. Fortunately, OneClick's recording function is sufficient to automate many common tasks, thereby relieving you from having to use EasyScript. And if you're handy with AppleScript, you can even integrate OneClick commands into your AppleScripts.

In addition to supporting Mac OS 8.5 and above, version 2.0, which will be available by the time you read this, adds several new functions, including more EasyScript keywords, a faster way to create shortcuts, and a manager to keep track of all your shortcuts.

OneClick 1.0.3 / RATING:

3.0 mice
PROS: Inexpensive; customizable buttons. CONS: Scripting difficult for beginners. COMPANY: WestCode Software (800/448-4250, ). PRICE: $50.

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