Touchscreen system for new iBooks announced

Troll Touch has a new touchscreen system, the first Touch iBook, that's designed specifically to be internally integrated into the iBook.

The company has made touchscreen products for previous PowerBooks and iBooks. The current Touch iBook system features the company's custom designed analog resistive touchscreen overlay, an "ultra high-resolution" USB controller module, and touchscreen driver software, according to Nick Durso of Troll Touch.

The driver currently supports Mac OS 9.1 and earlier versions of the operating system. A Mac OS X driver is due "very soon," Durso said.

If you're interested in the touchscreen system, you can buy a touch-enabled iBook from Troll or buy a consumer portable and ship it to them for touchscreen integration. The cost of adding the touchscreen component is US$595. Educational, reseller and quantity discounts are available. Go to Touch Troll's Web site for details.

Touchscreens and kiosks utilizing Apple's consumer products seem to be a booming industry. Last month a company called Third Stream Media announced plans to roll out its Touch Stand retail kiosk based on iMac systems and Termimac Informations systems unveiled their own line of iMac-based information kiosk systems.

This story, "Touchscreen system for new iBooks announced" was originally published by PCWorld.

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