Network Assistant 4.0.3 available

Apple's software download Web site now lists a new version of Apple Network Assistant. The new version, 4.0.3, can be downloaded from Apple's site now.

Apple Network Assistant enables administrators of Mac networks to manage system profiles, reconfigure system settings and distribute applications. The new version, 4.0.3, includes a new release of the Network Assistant Startup extension only.

The new startup extension implements several improvements:

  • Slow copy is now fixed. The Copy Items and Copy Hard Disk commands now work at the expected performance level.
  • Owner Name for Mac Manager Users. Macs equipped with Multiple Users or Macintosh Manager software will display the name of the user currently logged in, when listed in Network Assistant.
  • Announce and Talk features. The new version fixes a problem that caused Announce and Talk sessions to fail with a "communication error" on Macs with Mac OS 9.1.
  • DOS formatted floppies. 4.0.3 corrects a problem that could cause workstations to become unresponsive if they were listed in the Workstation Status window and a DOS formatted floppy disk was inserted.
  • Remote desktop database rebuilding. Network Assistant now displays a message in the foreground of a client workstation when the desktop database is being rebuilt.
  • Apple advises that the 4.0.3 update can only occur if you have Network Assistant 3.6.2, 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 already installed. There are still some outstanding compatibility issues involving Energy Saver and AirPort, as well -- please check Apple's Web site for more details.

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