LaCie offers $30 rebate on 16x CD-RW

Storage peripheral maker LaCie today announced a US$30 rebate on its 16x CD-RW drive. The drive combines USB and FireWire support and BURN-Proof technology.

The LaCie CD-RW provides 16x CD-R burning speed, 10x speed for CD-RW media, and 40x read performance. There's also an optional SCSI-3 interface if you'd prefer it to USB and FireWire. LaCie explained that the CD-RW drive utilizes constant angular velocity (CAV) technology to achieve higher data transfer rates than previous mechanisms.

Like other CD-RW drives, LaCie's sports BURN-Proof technology. The technology adjusts the computer's speed and the data throughput to the drive based on the actual CD-R disc's capability and the recording conditions. The net result, said LaCie, is a continuous data stream and the elimination of buffer underrun errors that can cause CD-R discs to be wasted.

The LaCie CD-RW automatically sense which interface you're using -- USB or FireWire -- and configures the connection accordingly. This way, you can use the drive on different systems and achieve optimal results.

The drive is available for US$299 after the $30 rebate. The 16x CD-RW drive includes an international power supply, three 80-minute CD-Rs, and Mac and Windows software on one CD-ROM. Toast 4.1.2 is included for Mac users, while Easy CD Creator is included for Windows. LaCie advises Linux users to grab X-CD-Roast from the Internet if they'd like to use the drive.

This story, "LaCie offers $30 rebate on 16x CD-RW" was originally published by PCWorld.

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