Freeverse overhauls Enigma 2.0 puzzler for OS X, more

If you're a fan of Freeverse Software's challenging puzzle game Enigma, check out the news. The company has done a major update to the software, which now supports Mac OS X. The software sports new graphics and characters, too.

If you're familiar with board puzzle games like Mastermind, you're on the right track to understanding how Enigma works. In Enigma, you have to use deductive reasoning skills to figure out the secret code, which is spelled out using different colored dots. After you pull a lever, two numerical columns on the right hand side tell you how many of the dots are in the code and whether or not they're in the right position.

Enigma 2.0 is a single-player game. The computer-controlled characters will keep you occupied with taunts, cheers and jeers as you try to figure out what code is hidden at the end of the board. You get ten tries to figure it out, so think carefully.

The software requires Mac OS 8.6 or later (versions prior to X require CarbonLib 1.3.1 to be installed); 10MB available RAM; and about 10MB available hard disk space. It's distributed electronically and carries a US$14.95 license fee; you can also buy it on CD-ROM for $24.95, including shipping.

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