The week in games

Here's a recap of some news and info pertinent to the Mac game industry. The week in games is our weekly retrospective of some info that didn't make it onto the pages of MacCentral during the week. Check the end of this page for a look at other game coverage to see what you might have missed.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -- The Fallen finally on its way?

Simon & Schuster Interactive gave up on promising this game by any specific date quite some time ago, but if recent comments from The Collective's Richard Hare are any indication, it appears that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -- The Fallen may finally be coming to the Mac soon. Hare said that the holdup was due to the lack of a Mac version of RAD Game Tools' Miles Sound System library, which has since been released.

Deimos Rising goes beta

David Wareing reported this week that his top-down scrolling action game Deimos Rising is now in beta testing. Deimos Rising, to be published by Ambrosia Software, is the follow-up to Wareing's terrifically popular game Mars Rising.

Dragon Alpha site updated

Jared Plumb of Dracosoft has updated the Dragon Alpha site with some new info. Dragon Alpha is a role-playing game for the Mac presently in development, scheduled for an August release.

Myst III: Exile guide at GameSpot

GameSpot has recently posted a helpful guide for Myst III: Exile, the new adventure/puzzle game developed by Presto Studios and published by Ubi Soft. The guide includes walk-throughs and puzzle hints for each of the game's areas.

Netfungus 1.0.1 released

Netfungus is one of GameRanger's newest phenomenons: It's an online strategy boardgame that enables two players to go head to head online. A new version, 1.0.1, sports various changes and improvements over the initial release.

Elsewhere on the Web

Inside Mac Games has posted a preview of American McGee's Alice, the forthcoming 3D action game to be published for the Mac by Aspyr Media. MacGamer, meanwhile, has posted an interview with Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software, maker of the forthcoming RPG game Geneforge (and past hits like Avernum and the Exile series). FragMac, meanwhile, has reviewed Myst III: Exile.

Closer to home

MacCentral saw plenty of great game content this week, too. Part 2 of David Read's analysis of Mac OS X and games was posted; The Mac version of Summoner has gone gold master and should be on store shelves within two weeks; a new multiplayer patch for Deus Ex is available courtesy of Aspyr Media and Westlake Interactive; Freeverse has updated their excellent Mastermind-style puzzle game Enigma with new graphics and OS X support; and Delta Tao's president indicated that they're ramping up to produce Spaceward Ho! 5.

That only takes us through mid-week. For more details on game-related news, check MacCentral's News Archives for more details.

And as always, we welcome your feedback for ways that we can improve our Mac games coverage. If you have a Mac game-related product or service you'd like our readers to know about, you're welcome to get in touch with us too.

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