Flash utility released for FireWire to SCSI converter

Fastware.net has released both Mac OS and Windows versions of the Flash Update utility for the BridgeIt FireWire to SCSI converter.

This utility updates the firmware from v201 to v301. The v301 firmware update brings added stability when used with the FW Extension and also, brings support to a full chain of seven SCSI devices. Fastware.net also reported that the SIM Extension for Mac OS -- which will bring support to scanners, printers and CD-R/RW -- is due by mid-July.

BridgeIt FireWire-to-SCSI converter enables SCSI devices to connect to a host computer's FireWire port while also offering two additional FireWire ports for hub functionality.

The maximum transfer rate is 20MB per second for SCSI (Ultra Narrow) and 400Mbps for FireWire. A 50-pin high-density SCSI connector and three six-pin FireWire ports are provided for SCSI conversion, as well as FireWire hub functionality.

For legacy SCSI devices with 25-pin connections, BridgeIt! will support 25 to 50 pin cable adapters. BridgeIt! is a FireWire repeater when powered off and is a FireWire-to-SCSI converter when powered on. An AC/DC adapter or cable power is required to work.

BridgeIt and the FireWire Extension for Mac OS, supports multiple SCSI hard drives, MO (magnetic optical), tape, removeables, and CD-ROMs in a chain. The minimum requirement is Mac OS 8.6 and FireWire 2.3.3. The cost is US $149.95.

This story, "Flash utility released for FireWire to SCSI converter" was originally published by PCWorld.

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