Apple to buy Spruce Technologies

Apple plans on buying Spruce Technologies, a company that makes several DVD software and hardware products, according to a story on the Creative Mac Web site.

Spruce Technologies makes the following software products:

  • DVD Premastering Tool, a tool for networked DVD production environments or for standalone DVD formatting.
  • DVDMaestro, which purportedly supports every aspect of DVD authoring, including the ability to create complete hybrid video and data titles that play in and recognize the differences between DVD players and DVD ROMs.
  • DVDConductor, which is based on the core elements of DVDMaestro. DVDConductor covers the basic requirements for authoring. It offers a way to interact and communicate with multi-channel Dolby audio, subtitles, graphics and languages.
  • DVDPerformer, a professional DVD authoring and encoding solution that integrates high-end authoring features and real-time MPEG encoding in a single software application.
  • DVDVirtuoso,an entry-level DVD authoring software designed to work in conjunction with non-linear editing systems such as the FAST 601 and low-cost MPEG2 encoding solutions.
  • Convergence, a WebDVD tool set that, according to the folks at Spruce, "combines the video and audio content of DVD with the interactivity and immediacy of the Internet."
  • SpruceUp, a personal DVD authoring tool.
  • Spruce Technologies also offers two encoder boards. The MPX3000 is a real-time encoder for MPEG-2 and MPEG-2 video encoding, and AC-3 Dolby Digital 2 channel audio encoding. The ACXpress 4100 is the company's add-on PCI card that provides real-time, 5.1-channel Dolby Digital Encoding.

    The products run the gamut from entry level, end user software to expensive, high-end professional titles. Ironically, none of Spruce Technology's products run on the Mac operating system. Almost all the high end products are geared toward Windows NT.

    "There is no word from Apple as to how Spruce's technologies will be incorporated into Apple's production line," Creative Mac noted.

    This story, "Apple to buy Spruce Technologies" was originally published by PCWorld.

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