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Every week MacCentral brings readers the major headlines and breaking news from the Mac game industry, but there are always stories that slip through the cracks. This weekly retrospective, The Week in Games, gives us an opportunity to catch up on those stories as well.

Age of Empires II info galore on Apple's site

One of the best resources out there right now for Mac-specific Age of Empires II Gold Edition-related info is Apple's Web site. Writing for Apple, Brad Cook has done an in-depth look at the game -- the first offering from Destineer Studios' Bold label -- and Apple's site is even hosting a QuickTime trailer showing the game in action.

Codebook adds plug-ins for October

The Codebook -- that collection of hints, tips, and cheats for Mac games galore -- recently had its October plug-ins released. New games include Alien vs. Predator, The Crystal Key, Dracula: Resurrection, Myst III: Exile and much more.

Cro-Mag Rally 2.0.1c released

A new update to Pangea Software's kart racing game Cro-Mag Rally has been released. The new 2.0.1c update fixes some Mac OS X-specific weirdness. A new demo version is also in circulation.

Myth III: The Wolf Age in final testing, says developer

MumboJumbo Games recently updated its homepage with the news that its forthcoming installment of the legendary Myth strategy game series, Myth III: The Wolf Age, is now in final testing. The series that was originally created by Bungie will be published on the Mac by MacSoft. "Expect to see more news and a playable demo in the weeks ahead," said MumboJumbo.

Quake III Arena 1.30 released

A new version of Quake III Arena hit the wires late this week. A variety of changes have been implemented, including a sound bug fix, a couple of endless loop fixes, and some changed commands.

SimsVille just wasn't that fun, says spokesman

Earlier this month we brought you the news that SimsVille, a new Sims-related game in development at Maxis, had been cancelled. Why? In a revealing interview with, Maxis marketing director Patrick Buechner said the game just wasn't that fun. Buechner is also adamant that the decision was developer Maxis' alone, and they didn't have any pressure on them to cancel the title from PC publisher EA. Sims games have, thus far, been released on the Mac by Aspyr Media.

Tomb Raider: Chronicles 1.0.1 released

A new version of Aspyr Media's Tomb Raider: Chronicles is now in circulation. The 1.0.1 update fixes two freeze bugs, including one that's specific to Mac OS X play.

World of Warcraft screens added

There still no definite word from Blizzard Entertainment about whether its in-development persistent online RPG, World of Warcraft, is coming to the Mac. But it's worth noting that all their other games have made it to the Mac, so the chances are good. Regardless, if you're keeping up with the latest WoW news, check out the site. Blizzard uploaded some new screenshots this week.

Elsewhere on the Web

The folks at have long focused on petitions and so on to try to convince game publishers to support the Mac. They tell us they're switching gears, though -- is now "a tool for communication and fun" for Mac users. MacGamez has posted some tips and hints for avid Aliens vs. Predator players who want to learn more about how to play the Colonial Marine character effectively. Inside Mac Games has posted a preview of Spider-Man, the forthcoming arcade action game from Aspyr Media. There are more goodies on Apple's Web site besides just AOE2 info, by the way -- Brad Cook also takes a look this week at MacPlay's forthcoming release of Giants: Citizen Kabuto. And MacGamer's Corey Tamas has posted an editorial called OS X 10.1: Worth the price?

Closer to home

Westlake Interactive has released a preview version of Unreal Tournament for Mac OS X; Bold has announced that its new golf game licensed from Microsoft is actually going to be Links Championship Edition, not the mythical Links 2002 as previously reported; there's a new Mac OS X puzzle/arcade game called BabelbloX; a full Mac-friendly installer for the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test is now ready for download (it requires Mac OS X, by the way); and gamers are gathering today in Santiago, Chile for the Mac Party 2 LAN party.

If you have ideas for ways that we can improve our Mac game-related content, if you have Mac game products or services you'd like to see highlighted on MacCentral, please make sure to drop us a line.

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