Columnist encourages a look at OS X 10.1

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ZDNet Anchordesk executive editor David Coursey encourages his readers to take a look at Mac OS X's latest incarnation, version 10.1. His latest column is entitled Yo, Windows users! Please take a look at Mac OS X.1.

Coursey noted that 10.1, which hit the streets this weekend, improves performance and cleans up "loose ends" left in the first release. He heaps praise on it, too. "OS X is the nicest operating system I've ever seen. It works like an OS should work, but is very different from all previous Mac operating systems," said Coursey.

Coursey readily acknowledges Apple's leadership role in developing an easy to use environment. The Mac has always been better than Windows, said Coursey, but it's been difficult for Apple to attract first-time buyers because Microsoft is always "nipping at the heels" of whatever Apple is doing.

"Still, X.1 deserves more attention from the Windows community that it will get," said Coursey.

Coursey also appealed to Linux and UNIX advocates. With Mac OS X's UNIX underpinnings, Coursey suggested that those folks should take a look at the system, especially if they want "to hurt Microsoft," a theme that Coursey said frequently appears in reader e-mails on the subject. "... wouldn't buying a Mac be a good way to do this without having to deal with some of the challenges of Linux?" Coursey queried.

Coursey lauded Mac OS X 10.1's robust networking capability compared to Windows XP, and said that Microsoft Office jocks should take a look at Mac Office for OS X, due later this year. The editor plans to do an in-depth comparison of the media-handling features of each operating system, too, when it comes to MP3 support and digital movie creation.

Coursey encouraged readers to keep an open mind and check out both operating systems to figure out what they need. "For most, this will be a Microsoft OS, and I have no problems with that. But the part of me that loves Macintosh knows there are many people who'd really be happier with a Mac, but never get the chance to see one," said Coursey.

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