The ZipBurst bursts up to new version

DC&R has released The ZipBurst CGI 2.5, an update to the ZIP code info software that adds three new conditional tests to show records in your database that can't be physically located.

You'll now be able to catch typos in city, state or ZIP code categories, according to David Dantowitz of DC&R. There's even the ability to determine that the ZIP Code is correct, but nowhere near the city and state, he added.

"We're also announcing a new 'trial size' two-month license for the ZipBurst CGI Pro with US locations," Dantowitz said. "If you like the software, you can upgrade to the full 12 month US data license for US$125."

The ZipBurst 2.0 CGI comes in two flavors. The Lite version lets you serve an unlimited number of databases in an unlimited number of domains. It supports searching on multiple fields, sorting on multiple fields and all sorts of report tags. David Dantowitz says that the latest release includes a tag that lets you change the MIME type returned by your server to match your needs (e.g., set the return type to "application/" to have the user's browser save files as MS Excel files). The latest beta also includes an improved setup assistant, he says.

The Pro version includes a new feature for searching by location. In previous releases, if you were to search by location and get results by "distance," you had to enter a US Zip Code or a Canadian Postal Code. Demos can be found at the product Web site.

This story, "The ZipBurst bursts up to new version" was originally published by PCWorld.

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