New real-time collaborative solution is Mac compatible

REBOL Technologies, folks who make real-time collaboration and messaging software, have developed IOS (Internet Operating System platform) and IOS Express 1.0. Due later this month, the Mac compatible system is a way to offer secure peer-to-peer collaborative processes and information sharing within any organization, according to Carl Sassenrath, REBOL Technologies' founder and chief technical officer.

He said that IOS Express, based on X Internet distributed computing technology, offers enhanced peer-to-peer collaboration to support a range of business processes through a set of tiny "reblet" applications. Each reblet does one thing very well, and reblets work both online and off-line. By the end of the year more than 40 reblets are slated to be available, including polling, surveying, rating, notifying, agendas, brainstorming, whiteboards, file sharing, user status monitoring, scheduling and more. Reblets can be easily customized and additional reblets will be offered by third party vendors, Sassenrath said.

IOS is system independent Reblets run across a wide range of operating systems without code modification and operate without changes to your existing network infrastructure, he added. IOS Express is available in several pricing structures. Evaluation copies can be obtained from the REBOL Web site.