Xtrem cuts back gigahertz Mac project

Swedish Mac upgrade maker Xtrem Inc. has scaled back it's plans for a 1.2GHz upgrade by some 12 percent, according to The Register .

Instead of shipping a 1.2GHz machine, the company will offer a Mac clocked up to 1066MHz, a drop of some 12.5 per cent, but is also planning on offering a dual-processor version, according to the Xtrem Web site.

Xtrem appeared on the Mac scene last August, claiming -- to the skepticism of most readers -- the XtremMac G4 1.2GHz would be the first personal computer in history to deliver true supercomputer-level performance of over two billion floating-point operations per second.

It was December when Xtrem promised an "early 2001' rollout, which came and went with little fanfare.

The Register believes the delays in the Xtrem Mac are due to unavailability of the PowerPC 7450 that Xtrem wanted to use in the upgrade due to a two-fold performance boost.

"Last time we contacted Xtrem, the company promised news of the miracle machine early 2001," the Register's Tony Smith wrote. "That's another deadline that's been and gone without anything to show for it. We hope the company can stick to this one."

The company's Web site states that further details of the Xtrem product should be available by the end of this week, including more precise delivery dates and pricing.

This story, "Xtrem cuts back gigahertz Mac project" was originally published by PCWorld.

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