Unreal Tournament Game of the Year edition coming

If you're a big fan of Unreal Tournament, or if the bug hasn't quite caught you yet and you'd like to give it a try, there's going to be a new title out in a few weeks that you might want to keep an eye out for: MacSoft's Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition.

MacSoft says the game has just gone gold master, and expects to get the title onto store shelves within the next month. This edition combines the original game with three map pack add-ons, giving players an additional 20 maps and three new modes of play.

Originally developed by Epic Games, the Macintosh conversion of Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition was handled by Westlake Interactive. Westlake Interactive also ported the original conversion of Unreal Tournament when it was released more than a year ago.

Mods included in the new edition include Rocket Arena, a one-on-one combat variation that puts fully armed players in a small arena; Chaos UT, which adds some variations to deathmatch play; and three new map packs including the Epic Bonus Pack, the Innox Map Pack, and the Digital Extremes Map Pack. In addition to 20 new maps, the game also includes various new character skins and power-ups.

Although all of the new components of Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition are available for download from various locations on the Web, MacSoft has provided them all in one handy package for players that either don't want to bother or don't have the bandwidth to do it themselves. The new Unreal Tournament package is being sold at quite a modest price, too -- US$19.99.

MacSoft's own Nate Birkholz was featured on Wednesday's edition of the Mac Show, an audio show Webcast using QuickTime streaming technology. Birkholz was interviewed briefly by this reporter regarding the new product announcement. If you'd like to hear more about Unreal Tournament, queue up the March 7th archive at the link above and fast-forward to about the 30 minute mark.

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