URL Access 2.3 released through Software Update

Apple has released an update to the URL Access system extension for Mac OS 9. The new version does not appear to be in general circulation through the Web, but you may find it available through the Software Update control panel.

URL Access is a system software library that is provided for other software to use when performing Internet related tasks. It is required by Mac OS 9's built in "Sherlock" search engine when used for Internet searches, according to Apple's documentation.

The new version, 2.3, "provides improved access to secure sites that are either new or current sites using new certificates," according to the online documentation available through Software Update. "It also removes the issue associated with downloading or pushing files greater than 360K."

At present, it appears that distribution of the 304K URL Access 2.3 download is limited specifically to Mac OS 9 users who utilize the Software Update control panel. A separate download from Apple's Web site is not available; the most recent version of URL Access available through Apple's Web site is 2.1.