MWSF: e-Picture Pro, eZ-Motion coming to OS X

Beatware, a provider of Web animation software, is bringing its e-Picture Pro and eZ-Motion products to Mac OS X. The X versions are due soon after OS X ships on March 24.

With e-Picture Pro, you can create 3D Web graphics and animation and then export them as Flash or any video format. You can even import 3D models and create 3D text to add perspective and dimension to your media. e-Picture Pro can combine bit-mapped images, vector-based drawings, 3D objects, 3D text and video media.

eZ-motion is an animation graphics tool that speeds up production of projects by using modifiable templates and an animation editor. The product exports files in any major industry format including QuickTime, Windows Media, Animated GIF, Flash and RealVideo and animates existing 3D models or graphics from other programs, such as 3D Studio Max and Lightwave 3D.

"Apple's new Mac OS X combines the new Quartz 2D graphics engine, OpenGL and QuickTime -- three of the most powerful graphics technologies available today," said Marc Verstaen, CEO of BeatWare. "e-Picture Pro and eZ-Motion users need and deserve to have their Web animation software solutions readily available in a format that allows them to fully benefit from these revolutionary new technologies."

The packaged version of e-Picture Pro is available at US $199. e-Picture Pro is also available for download via the Beatware Web site, as well as other retailers. eZ-Motion sells for $99 at the Beatware Web site.

This story, "MWSF: e-Picture Pro, eZ-Motion coming to OS X" was originally published by PCWorld.

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