Update makes Firewire-SCSI converter Mac OS 9.1 ready

As promised, the update for Mac OS 9.1 is now available for Fastware.net's BridgeIt! FireWire-to-SCSI converter, which was demoed at this month's Macworld San Francisco.

The extension now supports Mac OS 8.6 through 9.1. However, if you use the Multiple Users function in Mac OS 9 or later, you can't install when logging in as a Limited user or on Panels. Instead, you should launch the installer as an Owner or a Normal user.

A combination converter, FireWire hub, and repeater, BridgeIt! supports multiple hard drives, CD-R/RW, MO and removable media devices in a SCSI chain. As we reported on Jan. 8, BridgeIt and the FireWire extension currently support a total of four SCSI drives, MO, and/or removable media such as Jaz and Zip.

The early FW Extension that supports up to four SCSI drives, will also support CD-R equipment when used in conjunction with B's GOLD CD authoring software, which will be available from Fastware.net for US$79. The SIM driver will support most of the popular CD-R authoring applications.

MacCentral recently queried Fastware.net CEO Matt Schultz about the company's plans for future improvements to BridgeIt. Schultz told MacCentral that support for scanners, printers, CD-R/RW, etc., and a full SCSI chain of seven devices is planned in near term driver and flash upgrade releases. In early March, a SIM (SCSI Interface Module) Extension for Mac OS 9.0.4 will be e-mailed to all BIT registered owners with a valid e-mail address at no charge, he added. This extension will support scanners, printers, MO, removable media, hard drives and CD-R/RW via Toast, and most major CD authoring applications. Support for a SCSI chain of four devices will be maintained.

By the end of March, a flash update utility will be available for download from the Fastware.net FTP site at no charge to customers, Schultz said. This utility will field-update the firmware in BridgeIt to provide for a full SCSI chain of seven devices.

BridgeIt! comes with an external power adapter, an ON/OFF switch, indicator LEDs, a 50 position high density SCSI receptacle and three 6-pin 1394 ports, so it will also act as a Hub for 1394 peripherals. BridgeIt! is available on the Fastware.net Web site for $149.95. Only US power adapters are available.

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