NAB: RAViX III makes Maya 5 Flash export possible

Yesterday's announcement from Alias|Wavefront about Maya 5's forthcoming release indicated that the new version would support export to vector-based formats including Macromedia Flash, Adobe Illustrator, EPS and SVG formats. Electric Rain Inc. is taking the credit for that capability, as their RAViX III rendering technology is being used to manage that ability.

RAViX III powers the Maya 5 Vector Renderer, according to Electric Rain, and provides capabilities like gradient shading, shadows, reflections, transparency and advanced specular highlights, Flash raster output that supports bitmap textures, and advanced editing and workflow capabilities through SmartLayer, an Electric Rain-developed technology that works with its own proprietary Flash MX importer.

RAViX III is the underpinning technology in Electric Rain's forthcoming Swift 3D 3.0 software, coming to Mac OS X in late spring. In addition to Alias|Wavefront, RAViX technology has been licensed by other 3D companies including Corastar (Strata 3Dpro), Eovia (the Carrara Studio VectorStyle plug-in) and Born Digital (used in a SOFTIMAGE|3D plug-in).

This story, "NAB: RAViX III makes Maya 5 Flash export possible" was originally published by PCWorld.

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