HighDesign debuts; new 2D CAD app

Ilexsoft has released HighDesign 1.0, a professional 2D CAD application for Mac OS X and Mac OS 8-9.x.

HighDesign offers such editing functions as rotate, mirror, scale, trim, extend, multiply, and break. There are file commands like merging projects, exporting selections, and more. The CAD application also supports multiple undos and redos, customizable line types and hatch patterns, QuickTime, and support for ISO, ASME, and custom page layouts.

HighDesign's other features include: automatic snap to objects, vertices, right-angle, tangent, intersections, and grid; the ability to insert, edit and display bitmap images with adjustable transparency; a customizable symbol library; tools to calculate the area of polygons, hatch irregular regions, change segments to polygons, etc.; a Views palette with real-time magnification, project overview; and support for metric and imperial measuring systems.

HighDesign is available in two versions: Standard and Professional. The US$149 Standard version is targeted to home and small office users.

The $349.95 Pro version offers all of the features of the Standard version, plus: support for unlimited sheets (which help organize a project by overlaying different levels of drawings in one document), unlimited project views, a photogrammetry tool for surveying architectural facades and planar surfaces from a single photo; a tool for creating anti-aliased pictures of a project, an image enhancing tool; walls with automatic intersections and customizable graphic properties; parametric doors and windows; a tool for removing all duplicate entries from an imported drawing; compatibility via DXF R14, DXF 2000, HPGL; and a tool for rotating objects and photos to 90 degrees.

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