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Every day on MacCentral readers get a dose of what's happening in the Mac game business, but there are always a few articles that don't make it onto our regular news pages. That's why we have this weekly retrospective, called The Week In Games. It also gives us a chance to catch up with game-related news on other sites.

CryptoQuote updated

John Haney has released CryptoQuote 1.1, an updated version of his word puzzle game. The game includes hundreds of quotes which you must guess, including Quotes of the Day you can grab from the Web site, or ones that you can paste in from another source. The update adds drag and drop support, undo/redo, online help, word search and more essential changes.

Escape Velocity Nova 1.0.6 now available

Ambrosia Software has released an update to their space adventure/action game Escape Velocity, bringing it to version 1.0.6 The new version makes dozens of changes both to the core engine and to the game's scenarios -- you can get details from the Web site.

Quake 3 Arena 1.32 updated

Id Software Mac guru Graeme Devine has posted a new version of Quake 3 Arena 1.32, the perennial FPS favorite, to the Id Software FTP server. The new version is for Jaguar or higher only, and introduces optimizations for G4 "Velocity Engine" and fixes for certain third-party sound cards. Visit the Id Software Web site for details.

SuperTac updated

Epigroove has released SuperTac 1.0.1, an update to their multiplayer tic-tac-toe style game in which you must get five in a row. The new version lets demo users play against each other.

Xenophaquinox 2 released

GoldfishSoft has released Xenophaquinox 2, a major update to its OS X puzzle game. The new version gains interface enhancements, improved AI, better customizability and more. It requires 10.1 or higher.

X-Plane 7 at Release Candidate

Laminar Research has taken the latest major upgrade to its modular flight sim X-Plane to its Release Candidate milestone, and has offered a couple of updates already. X-Plane lets you fly a variety of civilian and military aircraft and many different airports around the globe, and even on the surface of Mars with optional scenery packs.

Elsewhere on the Web

MacGamer has reviewed Cosmic Encounter Online. Inside Mac Games has posted a preview of Zoo Tycoon, the upcoming game from Aspyr Media. GameSpy has posted a Mac gaming article.

Closer to home

MacCentral reported this week that a demo of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 is now available for download. What's more, the full game is shipping, too. Freeverse Software is shipping Solace, a Risk/Axis & Allies-style strategy game. Altec Lansing announced a new 2.1 speaker system this week. A tech demo of Neverwinter Nights was posted by MacSoft this week, at long last.

As always, we encourage you to drop us a line if you have questions we didn't answer, ideas for ways we can improve our games coverage here on MacCentral, or games you'd like to see mentioned on these pages.

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