WWDC 2003 Keynote Coverage -- Live

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MacCentral's live coverage of Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote has concluded. Please visit our home page for more WWDC 2003-related coverage.

3GHz models expected within a year.

Luxology co-founder notes that software was recompiled for 64-bit processors in 15 minutes (and that included the 12 minutes to download the source from the server).

3 models: 1.6GHz, 256MB, 80GB $1999. 1.8GHz, 512MB, 160GB $2399. Dual 2GHz, 512MB, 160GB $2999. All will ship in August.

New Power Macs support up to 8GB of RAM. 4x SuperDrive in all models. GeForceFX 5200 Ultra and Radeon 9600 Pro graphics. All aluminum enclosure. 9 fans and computer-controlled cooling. Quieter -- 30dBa (twice as quiet as G4).

System control features point to point architecture. Dedicated bandwidth to main memory for each subsystem. 8GB per second of bandwidth into the processor. 12 times the bandwidth of the G4, no slowdown for second processor. 400MHz 128bit wide DDR memory. 6.4GB/sec of memory bandwidth. 8x AGP graphics. 133MHz PCI-X slots, 2GB per second bandwidth. HyperTransport to main G5 system controller. Serial ATA to connect to drive, 1.5GB per second of bandwidth. FireWire 800 and 400, USB 2.0, AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth, optical I/O. 500GB of storage.

The G5, in partnership with IBM. 64-bit processor. Runs existing 32-bit apps no problem. Running at up to 2GHz. 1GHz front side bus (FSB). Built for full Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP). Massively parallel architecture. "Just the beginning." 130 nanometer process with a gate length of under 50 nanometers, 58 million transistors.

The world's fastest personal computer. Three things: Chip, system, product.

"Some of you may have noticed on the net...this funny thing that happened on our Web site..." "I am here today to tell you that it was a mistake, but it's true."

Xcode: New developer tools included in Panther. "The single word we followed as our bible: Speed." GCC 3.3 compiler. Added distributed builds -- will use idle resources for distributed compiling. CodeWarrior is still faster on single-machine compiles, but xCode is faster in distributed builds. Xcode has fast turnaround: zero link (only links objects needed to launch); predictive compile (starts compiling while still editing; compiles while you type, shortens compiling by factor of 2); fix and continue (make changes to apps while they're running). Chris Espinoza (Apple employee #8) demonstrated some of the technology.

New video camera: iSight. Full motion video up to 30fps, 640x480, auto focus lens, auto exposure, dual element mic, powered by FireWire. Mounts (clips) in iBooks and PowerBooks, sticks on the back of an iMac or Cinema Display, also mounts on eMac. (three stands included) $149. WWDC attendees get one free.

Developer preview of Panther given to WWDC attendees. It will ship commercially before the end of the year for $129.

iChat AV: "Goes beyond just text chat" with audio chat and video chat. "Video conferencing for the rest of us." Zero setup/configuration. Plug in the camera, the rest happens automatically. Shows how your buddies are set up, as well. Location-independent. Works with any FireWire camera or camcorder. 56K modem minimum required. Demonstrated with Phil Schiller. Also demonstrated audio chat via Paris. Switched Paris connection to video. Demonstrated receiving iChat AV feed with Al Gore. Free beta coming today for Panther and Jaguar. Will be included for Panther, $29 upgrade for Jaguar.

FontBook: Pro font management. Click on a font, get a panel that shows you the font. Can install with one button. FontBook also shows all your fonts and offers instant searching for fonts and font types. Can enable or disable fonts.

FileVault is a new feature based on requests due to lost notebooks. It secures your entire home folder. FileValue encrypts and decrypts all files going into and out of Home directory on the fly.

You can trigger Expose with an assigned keyboard or can assign to second button if have two button mouse. Can also assign a button to send windows off to corner when want to see files on the Desktop.

Panther has a new feature called Expose. Most Mac users have multiple apps open at once. To help find one window you're looking for at a particular time like a scavanger hunt. With Expose, it shows up a small version of all open windows in one pane. You can click on a window to begin working in it.

Fast user switching: "I gotta be honest -- Windows (XP) beat us to this...the only feature that I can think of like that."

Preview: Faster PDF rendering than Acrobat. On the fly PostScript to PDF conversion.

Pixlet: a QuickTime codec that offers studio-grade quality on personal computer for first time ever. Offers film resolution of high-definition quality. 48 bits/pixel source data.

Panther will have built-in fax capabilities. There will be a fax button on every print panel. Push it and will get a fax panel that ties in with modem and Address Book.

Mail improved. Everything is faster. Safari HTML rendering. Enhanced features for viewing mail in threads. Can flag and unflag confidential e-mail. Improved viewing and handling of e-mail.

iDisk changes. Panther will automatically sync .Mac files with Apple servers in the background. It's a great way to back stuff up and a great way to share documents between multiple computers. Really works well when have untettered portables.

Panther also has a brand new Finder. Jobs said that it's much more user-centric than computer-centric. We're putting all usable storage, folders, home directory, etc. in left of a window, much like playlists in iTunes. You can look at them in column or list views. It's really, really simple, Jobs said.

The new Finder also has faster searching and an Action Button. Apple has also brought back Labels and Network Browsing. There are new open and save panels.

Panther has a "lot more" UNIX stuff, as well as tools for Windows interoperability such as SMB priting and home directories support and more active directory integration.

Jobs said Apple was over the crest of the hill in Mac OS X transition and will finish it this year. "Today Jaguar is over for those of use in this room" because we're previewing Panther, (10.3), fourth major upgrade of Mac OS X. It has over 100 major changes.

Jobs said that Safari has seen over five million downloads of the beta version. Today Apple declaring version 1.0 and will be released on the Web in a few hours. Apple is also releasing a Safari SDK (Software Developer Kit).

iTunes Music Store was launched eight weeks ago. Since then over five million songs have been sold.

Jobs said that later on today Apple will ship one millionth iPod.

Over 3,800 developers at WWDC, Jobs said. Apple now has over 300,000 total developers, a number that's tripled since the release of Mac OS X.

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