Seapine updates TestTrack Pro, Surround SCM

Seapine Software Inc. has updated TestTrack Pro, the multiplatform bug-tracking framework for software developers, to version 6.0, and Surround SCM, the cross-platform software change management(SCM) tool, to version 2.0.

TestTrack Pro uses a Web-based client architecture to provide defect tracking regardless of platform. Version 6.0 adds such new features as customizable workflows, multiple user assignments, enhanced e-mail notifications, increased custom field support and an improved licensing model.

TestTrack Pro 6.0's customizable workflows allow users to define states, events and state transition rules. The workflow diagramming feature lets you graphically view workflows for debugging and communication purposes. With the enhanced e-mail notifications, TestTrack Pro offers more control over who receives e-mail notifications with the ability to apply rules to e-mail notifications, create e-mail templates for each rule, and configure both user-specific and system-wide notification options.

Other TestTrack Pro 6.0 features include the ability to share user accounts across multiple TestTrack Pro databases, the ability to share user accounts with Seapine's Surround SCM, enhanced security with 512-bit encrypted client/server communication, additional password security options and more.

Surround SCM provides control over source code changes to software development teams that require remote access, integrated defect tracking, and branching and merging capabilities. It's cross-platform with client and server support on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems. Graphic user interface clients are available on all supported operating systems. For distributed development teams, Surround SCM transparently supports remote access over TCP/IP networks, including the Internet.

Version 2.0 includes integration with Borland JBuilder (the Java application development environment) and Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, enhanced expandability and process control, improved communications with e-mail notifications, and security and usability improvements. The update's Dreamweaver support lets users manage, share and protect Web content in Surround SCM repositories.

Other Surround SCM 2.0 features include the ability to share user accounts with TestTrack Pro; the ability to rename and delete files, repositories and branches; enhanced security with 512-bit encrypted client/server communication; additional password security options; support for floating licenses; and more.

Contact Seapine for pricing details on the various configurations and bundles of TestTrack Pro and Surround SCM. Demo versions of both products are available at the company's Web site.

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