Canto aims EJaP at Cumulus integrators, developers

Cumulus maker Canto on Wednesday announced Embedded Java Plugin, or EJaP. The technology promises to cut development and maintenance expenses associated with the deployment of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions by offering a cross-platform environment based on Java, according to the developer. Wednesday's announcement is aimed at system integrators and developers working on Cumulus-based DAM solutions.

EJaP operates on Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux and Windows operating systems, and it works with Java Server Pages (JSP) and "inside" native Cumulus applications. The same code base can be deployed across multiple platforms.

Using this new model, Canto's Cumulus applications remain optimized for whatever operating system upon which they're operating, but EJaPs run within the Cumulus applications to provide new functionality. EJaPs can modify the user interface, bring up unique dialog boxes and windows, manipulate internal application objects, and monitor, filter or replace Cumulus functions. Canto also noted that Cumulus projects previously designed using AppleScript and OLEAutomation can be adapted to EJaP.

Canto plans to deploy in the fourth quarter of 2003, and will start training system integrators now. Visit the Web site for more details.

This story, "Canto aims EJaP at Cumulus integrators, developers" was originally published by PCWorld.

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