M-Audio cards get Power Mac G5 compatibility

M-Audio says it has "been working directly with Apple to ensure that all of the company's PCI-based products" will be compatible with the PCI-X architecture introduced with the Power Mac G5.

Delta models being redesigned for G5 compatibility include Audiophile 2496, Delta 1010, Delta 44, Delta 66, and Delta 1010LT. What of the Revolution 7.1 consumer surround sound card? It's already PCI-X compatible.

The original versions of M-Audio Delta cards operated on five volts as supplied by the original PCI bus standard. The newly revised cards are PCI 2.2 compliant (3.3 volts) and universally keyed, allowing compatibility with 64-bit PCI-X standards on all Power Mac G5s. On-board sensing technology will also allow the new Delta cards to be backwards compatible to work in 32-bit, 5-volt PCI systems, according to M-Audio.

Availability of each redesigned model will be announced at the company's Web site. Existing Delta owners can receive upgrades to G5 compatibility immediately. If you purchased your Delta card on or after Aug. 1, you can upgrade for free.

In the U.S., owners of Delta cards bought before Aug. 1 may upgrade their PCI for a fee of US$49 plus tax, along with a $5 return shipping cost. Delta card owners living outside the U.S. may upgrade their PCI for $79, plus a flat $40 shipping rate -- if they bought it prior to Aug. 1.

The following cards are being accepted for upgrades: Delta 1010, Delta 1010LT, Delta 66, Delta 44 and Audiophile 24/96. To arrange for an upgrade, e-mail M-Audio.

This story, "M-Audio cards get Power Mac G5 compatibility" was originally published by PCWorld.

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