SilverFast supports more Umax scanners, Umax offers deal

LaserSoft Imaging has released SilverFast SE 6.0, which lets those using Mac OS X (10.1 and higher) and Mac OS 9 (9.1 and higher) to use an increased number of Umax scanners. The software normally costs US$49; however, Umax is now offering SilverFast SE 6.0 for $27.50.

SilverFast SE offers auto-adjust and LAB-based unsharp-masking features. It can be used with Adobe Photoshop, TWAIN compliant applications or as a stand-alone application. SilverFast SE 6.0 adds a new feature called NegaFix, an "intelligent negative function" with support for more than 120 film types and an exposure slider.

Supported scanners now include the following: Astra 600S, Astra 1200S, Astra 1220S, Astra 2400S, Astra 6400, Astra 6450, S-12, S-12G, SuperVista S12, Mirage I DL16, Mirage II, Mirage II SE, PowerLook (PS2400X), PowerLook II, PowerLook 1000, PowerLook 1100, PowerLook 1120, PowerLook 2100XL, PowerLook 3000 and PowerLook III.

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