1.25GHz iMac

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Speedmark 3.2 scores are relative to those of a 700MHz (G4) eMac which is assigned a score of 100. Photoshop, iMovie, iTunes, Cinema 4D XL, and Compressor scores are in minutes:seconds. Quake scores are in frames per second. We tested the systems with 256MB RAM, Mac OS X 10.2.6. Systems were upgraded to 512MB of RAM for the Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Compressor tests. We tested MP3 encoding with an audio-CD track that was 9 minutes and 25 seconds long, converting it from the hard drive using iTunes' Better Quality setting. We tested Quake III at a resolution of 1,024 by 768 pixels with Graphics set to High Quality. The Photoshop Suite test is a set of ten scripted tasks using a 50MB file. Photoshop's memory was set to 100 percent and History was set to Minimum. We tested MPEG-2 encoding with a DV file that was 6 minutes and 46 seconds long, using the MPEG-2 60min Fast Encode preset in Apple's Compressor application. For more information on Speedmark 3.2, visit www.macworld.com/speedmark.—MACWORLD LAB TESTING BY KRISTINA DE NIKE AND JAMES GALBRAITH

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