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Full of the spirit of creativity, this text editor lets you and all your iChat buddies edit a document simultaneously. Sound like fun? That's because it is (free; ).

AvantGo USB Sync

This little utility lets you sync your Palm handheld with AvantGo in OS X, a heretofore impossible task if you have a USB cradle (free; ).

Desktop Printers in Panther

Drag anything you want to print onto a printer icon on your desktop, and blammo! Out it comes. Plus, this feature makes it much easier to cancel jobs.


With programs like Chicken of the VNC ( ), you can connect to remote Macs and control them -- for free.


This ingenious setup from Dension connects an iPod to a stereo through your car's CD-changer interface. And if your car has on-steering-wheel stereo controls, you can control your iPod without having to take your hands off the wheel ($149–199; ).


Ovolab's Phlink does everything your voicemail can do. Then it does more -- like send your voicemail to your Mac via e-mail, let you dictate to your Mac from your cell phone, or run an AppleScript from a phone ($151; ).

Top-Rated Products Nov. 2003–Jan. 2004

  After Effects 6.0 Professional (December 2003)
  iSeek 1.0 (January 2004)
  Apple 17-inch PowerBook G4/1.33GHz (December 2003)
  Apple 12-inch PowerBook G4/1GHz (December 2003)
  Apple iSight (December 2003)
  Apple Power Mac G5/dual-2GHz (November 2003)
  Burning Monkey Solitaire 3 (December 2003)
  Business Card Composer (December 2003)
  Digital Performer (January 2004)
  Flash MX 2004 (January 2004)
  Inspiration 7.5 (November 2003)
  Live 2.1 (November 2003)
  MacResponder 1.02 (December 2003)
  Mathematica 5 (January 2004)
  More Internet (November 2003)
  Mystical Lighting (December 2003)
  NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (January 2004)
  PodQuest 1.0.1 (December 2003)
  SightClips (November 2003)
  Soundtrack 1.0.1 (December 2003)
  Toast 6 Titanium (December 2003)
  WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne (November 2003)

Alton Brown

Food Network's ( Alton Brown, the host of Good Eats, is not just the host of the most entertaining cooking show in existence. He's an unabashed Mac fan -- as evidenced by the 12-inch PowerBook G4 that's popped up in numerous recent episodes, replacing his trusty clamshell iBook and Titanium PowerBook. "I am beyond a user -- the PowerBook never leaves a 6-foot radius of my body," says Brown, who also uses the PowerBook with Digidesign's Pro Tools and Mbox to record all the show's voice-overs from a home recording studio.

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