PMA: 19-inch wireless digital picture frame debuts

PhotoVu LLC on Thursday introduced the PhotoVu PV1900, a custom-made 19-inch wireless digital picture frame. The device is used to display digital photography in homes or businesses, mounted on a wall like a regular picture frame and capable of retrieving imagery over a wireless network.

The PV1900 incorporates a 19-inch LCD display and support for either wireless or wired (Ethernet) connectivity. The display can also pull images from a USB-based drive. The PV1900 is essentially a self-contained Linux server with a display, according to technical information posted on PhotoVu's Web site. It communicates using the IEEE 802.11b ("AirPort") protocol.

Users can customize the wood frame and matting to suit the decor in their environments. PhotoVu says that the PV1900 is suitable for displaying up to 8-megapixel images -- sometimes more, depending on the compression used.

The PV1900 is capable of displaying digital photos on any Mac, Linux, Unix and Windows computers within range of the wireless network. The device sports its own built-in Web server -- users configure the device to display images using a Web browser.

The PV1900 carries a price tag of US$1,549 and can be ordered through the PhotoVu Web site.

This story, "PMA: 19-inch wireless digital picture frame debuts" was originally published by PCWorld.

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