Bigger Cursor

In this week's Macworld Weekly Newsletter, I proffered this question and answer:

Q. Because I'm visually impaired, I have great difficulty in seeing the small cursor on my Macintosh PowerBook G3. Can you tell me how I might solve this problem?

-- David Herbert Donald

A. If you're running Mac OS X, I suggest that you download a copy of Unsanity and Geekspiff's $10 Mighty Mouse. In addition to allowing you to customize the appearance of your cursor, this haxie lets you increase or decrease the size of Mac OS X's cursors -- from really tiny to astoundingly big.

If you're using Mac OS 9, check out RJ Cooper's $29 Biggy-Light. It's less expansive than Mighty Mouse in that it includes a limited number of cursors and only doubles the size of those cursors.

Reader Mike Harris wrote in to say that Mr. Donald might also benefit by using ARTIS Screen Crosshair. This Mac OS X-compatible utility places the cursor inside a crosshair, making it easier to find.

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