Entourage Contacts to Yahoo

{"In the February issue of "," (Corral Your Contacts, pages 80-81) I allude to the notion that you can import contacts from Entourage into Yahoo's Address Book. Falcon-eyed reader Robert Lewis asked exactly how that was possible given that the article failed to explain the procedure.

It's like this:

1. Choose the Export Contacts command from Entourage's File menu. You can export contacts as a text file only. Do so.

2. Open the text file you just exported in Excel.

3. Select Save As from Excel's File menu and choose CSV (Windows) from the Format pop-up menu found in the Save As dialog box.

4. Click Save.

5. Dash to your Yahoo email account, click the Addresses link, and then click the Import Your Contacts From Another Application link.

6. In the Yahoo! Address Book page chose Microsoft Outlook (.CSV) from the Step 1 pop-up menu, navigate to the .csv file you recently saved, and click the Import Now button.

Your contacts will be imported into Yahoo's Address Book. "}

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