One vCard from Address Book

that the iPod mini displays contacts more quickly if it reads those contacts from a single vCard (versus a vCard created for each contact). It also reports that iSync creates such multi-contact single vCards. But suppose you'd like to create one of these vCards without the benefit of iSync and manually copy it into the mini's Contacts folder.

Simple enough. Just open Address Book, select a group contact (this can be the All entry at the top of the Group list or any other group), Control-click on the group, and choose Export Group vCard. Save the vCard to the Desktop and drag it into the mini's Contacts folder.

You can also gang together groups and export them. To do so, create a new group and drag other groups into it -- for example, create a new group called Friendly Faces and drag into it your People I Don't Owe Money To and Relatives Who Still Send Holiday Cards groups. Control-clicking on a group that contains groups won't produce the desired Export Group vCard command. Instead, you must drag the group of groups card to the Desktop.

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