More on Coralling Contacts

{"Way back in the February issue of Macworld (on pages 80 - 81, to be exact), I offered hints for organizing contacts with programs such as Apple's Address Book, Palm Desktop, and Microsoft Entourage.

Reader Richard J. (Rick) Patterson learned that he could easily move his Palm Desktop contacts into Apple's Address Book by exporting those contacts as a single vCard and then dragging that vCard into Address Book. Apparently interested in sampling nearly every contact manager available to the Macintosh he wondered how he might then shift those Address Book contacts to Entourage.

I suggested to him (as I'll also propose to you) that he venture to and download a copy of Paul Berkowitz's $19 "," AppleScript. As its name implies, this script keeps Address Book and Entourage in sync -- copying contacts from one to the other. The script runs in full-service mode for 14 days. Well worth a download."}

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