Terminal and Periodic Maintenance

{"Reader Ray Dosh dropped a message my way regarding his tribulations with Terminal that goes a little something like this:

"I used to use "," to perform periodic maintenance on my TiBook (when I could remember to). Since installing Panther, I have just used the terminal command 'periodic.' Just recently, I have noticed different messages in the output of those commands, such as the following from a daily run:

/usr/sbin/periodic: line 1: /var/log/daily.out: Permission denied"," /usr/sbin/periodic: line 106: 484 Broken pipe date"," /usr/sbin/periodic: line 106: 495 Broken pipe cat $tmp_output"," /usr/sbin/periodic: line 106: 529 Broken pipe cat $tmp_output

Are there actual problems here and, if so, how can they be fixed?"

That "permission denied" business gives you a hint that you may want to use a little more muscle to work your will. That muscle comes in the form of the sudo command. Just preface the periodic daily, weekly, and monthly commands with sudo (as in sudo periodic daily) and everything will be boomps-a-daisy. "}

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