Enabling Tracks in iTunes

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{"Ever-faithful reader Rob Watterson is interested in learning, if you please, "how to check all the little boxes that appear next to the songs on any given iTunes playlist." As Rob has discovered, iTunes will skip over any songs in the playlist that are unchecked.

The answer can be found ",".

Those who fear clicking a link simply labeled "," should know that this directs you to the iTunes page of Apple's AppleScript site. Download the script bundle, install it, and these scripts will appear in iTunes:

Add to iTunes Library 

Build CD Tray Insert","  "," CDDB Search by Album, CDDB Search by Artist, CDDB Search by Song Title","  "," CDNOW Search by Album, CDNOW Search By Artist, CDNOW Search by Song Title","  "," Copy Chosen EQ to Manual Preset","  "," Delete Selected Track Files","  "," Duplicate Selected Track Files","  "," eMusic Search by Album, eMusic Search by Artist, eMusic Search by Song Title ","  "," Enable|Disable Selected Tracks","  "," iPod Library Summary","  "," Library Summary","  "," Loop Track Section","  "," Make Playlist By Artist","  "," Open Scripts folder","  "," Play Random Track","  "," Remove Missing Tracks","  "," Remove Playlists From Source","  "," Replace Text In Track Names","  "," Rewind Track","  "," Search Track Comments","  "," Set Genre to Specific EQ

The script that should most pique Rob's interest is Enable|Disable Selected Tracks. Just select the tracks you want to enable -- do this by Shift-clicking continuous tracks or Command-clicking discontinuous tracks -- and invoke the script. When you do, you'll be asked whether you'd like to enable or disable them. Make the choice that meets your needs and AppleScript will do the rest.

Appended to add: Jim Heid, author of the most-excellent ",", suggests an easier way. Simply Command-click on any of the song's checkboxes. This technique differs from the AppleScript I mention in that it enables or disables (depending on the state of the checkbox when you click it) every song in the playlist, regardless of whether they're selected or not."}

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