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{"I'm sorry if the following elicits a "well, duh!" from The Assembled, but I thought I'd pass this along to those who've yet to receive their AirPort Express Base Station: The AEBS works exactly as you'd like it to. Meaning that anything that can play through iTunes can be broadcast to the AEBS. As in....

iTunes' radio stations (which you can enhance with additional stations from ",").

Shared music: Suppose you have multiple iTunes music libraries scattered among a host of computers. Simply switch on music sharing on the copies of iTunes held on the remote computers, enable the Look For Shared Music option on the host computer (found in iTunes' Sharing preference), and start playing. The shared tunes will play through the AEBS just as if they were hosted locally. This could be very useful if you have a network made up of wired connections and a single AirPort card. Just use that AirPort-enabled computer as the conduit for AEBS and, with sharing, play the thousands of tunes you've ripped to your Ethernet-wired desktop Mac.

Your iPod: Plug your iPod into a Mac connected to an AEBS, flip it into manual mode (through the iPod Preferences window), in iTunes select a song or playlist on your iPod, and press iTunes' Play button. The music on the iPod will stream to the AEBS. "}

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