Click Wheel iPod: More mini Than Maxi?

Is Apple's new click-wheel iPod really a mini with greater storage capacity and battery life or a maxi that bears a click wheel? If you look under the hood, you'll discover it's a bit of both.

For example, as with the mini (but unlike previous white iPods), you can't initiate a hard drive scan via the front buttons. Rather, you must reset the iPod and then flip it into Diagnostic Mode (press Select and Menu for about six seconds to reset and, when you see the Apple logo, press Select and Previous to enter Diagnostic Mode) and then choose HDD SCAN test.

And, like with the mini, you can power your click wheel iPod via a USB 2.0 connection.

However, just as with previous white iPods but not the mini, you can install the Mac OS on the click wheel iPod and boot from it. Although you can install the Mac OS on a mini, it can't be selected as a bootable volume.

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