iPod mini as a bootable drive

Won't work.

Not with Jaguar.

Not with Panther.

Not with the aid of Carbon Copy Cloner.

It just won't work.

If you attempt to install from a multi-disc CD set, the mini won't boot so that you can install from the second disc. If you install from a DVD, the installation goes as planned, but when it comes time to boot, the mini is missing in action -- won't appear in the Mac's startup screen when you hold down the Option key.

Given that the mini holds only 3.7 GB of data, this shouldn't be all that disappointing. Even with Panther's Customize option your OS is going to weigh in at 1.1 GB, leaving you precious little room for the collected works of Gary Lewis & the Playboys.

Just thought I'd save you the trouble of trying.

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