TiVo and the Mac: Still Buddies

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Mac users are into cool new technologies, and no technology has changed my personal life more in the past five years than TiVo. (No, not even AirPort. But it's a close second.) I can't conceive of watching TV without TiVo.

Anyway, TiVo's always done right by Mac users. The company's Home Media Option supports your iPhoto and iTunes libraries, for example. So imagine my sadness when I saw TiVo's announcement of TiVoToGo, which lets you download shows off your TiVo and watch them on your "PC" or use your "PC" to burn DVDs you can play anywhere.

Fortunately, I went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (right after Macworld Expo, and boy was I frazzled by the end of my trip), and got to ask the good TiVo folk point-blank about their "PC" support.

Turns out it's all good news. TiVo may have announced support for "PCs" because Sonic Solutions is working with them to make Windows software, but TiVo's also developing a Mac version of the software themselves. That's how much TiVo cares about the Mac -- and it should, since a little birdy tells me that roughly 15 percent of TiVo's customers are Mac users.

So later this year you'll be able to buy a little USB TiVoToGo security key and download your shows to your Mac, and burn them to DVD (probably via Toast or iDVD, but that part's unclear).

(DirecTV TiVo Series2 customers, hang on -- DirecTV will probably offer Home Media Option for you before too long. And Series1 users, well, it's time to hack that sucker, put in an Ethernet card, and extract that video your own self.)

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