Salling Clicker moves to Symbian phones

Jonas Salling -- the hardest working man in Sweden -- today released Version 2.1 of Salling Clicker, adding support for Symbian phones and a bunch of other improvements to the way-cool Bluetooth remote-control utility (you can read the full story here ).

A year ago, Clicker was all the rage, but you had to have one of the Sony Ericsson T-series Bluetooth phones to use it. With Clicker 2.1, Jonas has increased the number of supported Bluetooth devices (the full list of Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens and Palm devices is available on the Clicker site ) and refined the application so that it's a lot easier to use and customize for your needs.

I have been testing Clicker 2.1 with both my Nokia 3650 cell phone and my Palm Tungsten T3 PDA, and I love it more than I ever did before, thanks largely to the vastly improved interface. I know it looks like a toy, but trust me, it isn't - especially when you start using features like the proximity scripts, or build your own presentation scripts. Or, let your inner geek execute shell commands from your phone.

It's $20, and well worth it, especially if you're one of the "connected."

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