Using 600 Macs to churn out the ultimate James Bond DVD

{"The Arts and Leisure section of today's "," has an article about ",", a company that uses a high-end film scanner, 600 Power Mac G5s and custom software to create the ultimate digital print of a movie. Right now, the company is working on a project for MGM, rescanning the early James Bond movies.

The scans result in a movie where each frame has 4,000 lines of resolution - two to three times the resolution of the movies found on most DVDs. What that means is that the movie on your DVD would look much truer to the version you saw at the multiplex.

And, it's all done using the Mac. It's not quite ",", but it's impressive nonetheless.

[To read the story, you must be a registered user of the "," Web site, which is free, unobtrusive, and well worth the time it takes to register.] "}

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